• To decorate your events

    Led Balloons

    To decorate and color your events

  • pyromusical shows

    Flame Show

    pyromusical shows with the help of innovative machines that allow the moviment of the flame to the music

  • Fireworks


    Every show can be considered as the canvas on whitch a painter every creations is unique, is pure art. Our proposal are backed up by a balanced relationship this offering solution what make it special every events and party.

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Particular attention should be placed on the use of pyrotechnic materials . 
Oliva fireworks does not use any plastic material and / or non- biodegradable
or environmentally unfriendly chemical powders , respecting the environment
in which you run the shows .
I produced and launched fireworks are all bearing the CE mark as well as 
recognized and classified as per art . 53 of T.U.L.P.S. ( R.D. R.D. 773/31
and 635/40 - Implementing Regulation of the TULPS ) as provided by law
on explosives IV ° and V ° Category ( Fireworks ) by Decree of
the Minister of the Interior .
Any documentation request will be promptly provided